Michael Delmonico, Professional Financial Services


Providing Professional College Planning Services
Since 1995


Michael Delmonico is based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts where he has helped countless local businesses, families, as well as other individuals.

When developing a college planning planning strategy for each individual client, Michael Delmonico holds a few specific concepts at a high level of significance and consideration. These concepts include: 

  • How to increase the overall net worth of a client
  • How to implement strategies to reduce any current or future tax liabilities for the client
  • How to increase the general cash flow of a client on a monthly basis.

With these concepts in mind along with the specific needs and circumstances of each individual client, Michael Delmonico offers a variety of services and programs to provide a pathway for businesses and individuals looking to gain a higher level of control and plan for a better, more secure future.

As a family man and business man himself who has gone through college and student loan debt, Michael Delmonico understands the unique challenges his clients face on a daily basis throughout their lives. To match the specific needs of each client, Michael Delmonico has worked to develop unique programs and services that can be customized to each individual's goals.

Planning for Business Owners

There is a lot to think about when starting a small business. While worry about funding and supporting the business itself, it is also important to remember other necessities including family and retirement. To relieve some of the stress of small business owners, Michael Delmonico provide businesses with a secure source of funds while also helping to capture any excess interest and principal they are likely paying to other institutions. 

Your Family Bank®

Michael Delmonico developed the Your Family Bank® program to assist families and individuals with securing their futures using the resources currently available to them. The most important aspect of Your Family Bank® is providing clients with a proven literacy program that allows them to establish a plan they can completely manage and control with the income they have today.

College Planning

College PlanningStudents today are faced with the pressure of going to a good college to earn a degree in order to create a successful career path for themselves. The problem is that college tuition has continued to increase over the years, leaving many of these students in an excessive amount of debt as they graduate and try to begin their professional lives. Student loans can leave a lot of stress on students and their families, however, with the 10 Principles of Money Management system, Michael Delmonico helps alleviate some of this overwhelming stress with small pieces of advice that can make a big difference in the long run.

To learn more about Michael Delmonico and his college planning services, follow him and connect on social media: http://michael-delmonico.com/follow-me/.